Video Fundamentals and Production classes create how-to videos

The students in Ann Asbury's Video Fundamentals and Video Production class just completed their first project of the year: how-to videos. Below are links to two of the videos; more will be added soon! You can also view the videos by clicking on the "Entertainment" link above.

How to Make Slime
By Arina, Noble, Jocelynne and Darienne

Do's, Don'ts and Please Don'ts of Marching Band
By Jada, Meridith, Erin and Aaron

Students began with a storyboard and determined the best sequence for the script. Then they planned their shoots, filmed their clips and dropped them into Adobe Premiere to get a rough cut. The editing process proved to be time-consuming as they learned how to edit for length and sound. Once the videos were complete, they were rendered with Adobe Media Encoder and uploaded onto YouTube!

Welcome to the new Cardinal Connection site!

The Cheney High School journalism staff is working on a new site for newspaper articles. With a small group this first semester, we will be posting articles and photos and getting our site up and running. Our goal for second semester is to revamp our newspaper and once again publish a print newspaper for our students, which we will also link to our site.
Please subscribe to our blog and be patient as we work on getting it running!

Sample Post

This post is to show how it looks!